Last night, about half an hour before sunset, my friend took me to the Jeffrey Energy Center Wildlife Area near Belvue, Kansas. A fourth of this wildlife area has been designated as the Oregon Trail Nature Park, and there are still-visible ruts along the ground from wagon trains that crossed the country over 150 years … Continue reading Geese

Happy Halloween!

I've got about 12 hours to finish up a big project for tomorrow morning. And yet, instead of digging through census data and writing up a report, I'm thinking about what a wonderful weekend I had. I celebrated Halloween by spending time with new friends, carving pumpkins, drinking cider, wearing a wig and heels, and … Continue reading Happy Halloween!

RPGs on the Prairie

Here in Kansas, my friend Bryan runs a weekly game of Dungeons and Dragons that consists mostly of graduate students from the math department. I've never played D&D, and in high school I was pretty close-minded about it. The kids who played were the same kids who hung out at the public library and who … Continue reading RPGs on the Prairie