5 Things I Love About Women’s Rugby

5. Beer

There is always an excuse to hang out and drink beer when you’re on a rugby team.

4. Line-Outs

These are the plays that are made when the ball goes out of bounds. They usually involve lifting a player into the air. I used to be a cheerleader and my favorite part of cheering was the stunting. Line-outs bring me back to those days (minus the skirts and ribbons); it’s fun to lift people into the air or to be lifted! It also builds a strong feeling of trust.

England & New Zealand perform a line-out in the World Cup.


A basic cheerleading stunt










3. Bruises

Being covered in  black and blue bruises makes me feel pretty bad ass. I like to show them off.

2. Scrums, Mauls, Tackling, and Rucking

These are the most physical facets of the game. If you’re not familiar with rugby, there are many useful guides online to explain these different plays and moves (I especially suggest watching some clips on YouTube). They’re very, very fun.

This is a scrum. Okay, so not all scrums are naked, but wouldn't that be fun? Some women's rugby teams do semi-nude rugby calendars to raise money. This picture features the Oberlin Rhinos. Check them out at http://www.oberlin.edu/stuorg/womrugby/default.html.

1. Confidence

I feel at my most powerful during a rugby game. All inhibitions and fears are left off of the pitch. I’m not worried about looking fat or seeming like a bitch because I’m too focused on taking down the girl running towards me with the ball. And after I’ve tackled her onto the ground and I’m picking myself from the muddy ground, I feel pretty damn strong. I wish all women would try playing rugby or another physical sport, because this feeling of strength is intoxicating and empowering. And more I play, the more this feeling seems to stick around, both on and off the field.


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