Happy Halloween!

I’ve got about 12 hours to finish up a big project for tomorrow morning.

And yet, instead of digging through census data and writing up a report, I’m thinking about what a wonderful weekend I had. I celebrated Halloween by spending time with new friends, carving pumpkins, drinking cider, wearing a wig and heels, and dancing for hours. It was one of those nights where you’re almost floating from the easy happiness of being in amazing company. I didn’t think about being tired or work that I had to do or what I was going to do the next day because I was so happy to be right where I was.

I wish EVERYONE could have a weekend as great as this. Happy Halloween, everybody!!

My friend carved a pumpkin of Ron Paul. I carved a tree. It was fun.


Autumn Walks on the Prairie

A week ago, I took myself out for a walk on the prairie. Billowing, slate-gray clouds rolled across the sky, so I knew I had to hurry. It’s a lovely drive from town out to the biological preserve, and I kept the windows open to let the cold wind blow through the car as I sang along to the radio.

It was a joyful day. Spending the afternoon with just me, the wind, and dozens of leaping grasshoppers was refreshing and invigorating.

I was surprised by the fall colors in the grassland. After all, what’s an autumn without the maples and oaks that blaze the New York hills into color? But the reds, the yellows, even the oranges were there! They’re more subtle here than in the Northeast, but the prairie was so beautiful. I finally feel that after a year of living here, I’m starting to appreciate the beauty of the rolling plains.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!