Autumn Walks on the Prairie

A week ago, I took myself out for a walk on the prairie. Billowing, slate-gray clouds rolled across the sky, so I knew I had to hurry. It's a lovely drive from town out to the biological preserve, and I kept the windows open to let the cold wind blow through the car as I … Continue reading Autumn Walks on the Prairie


Sunday Morning

One of the many things I love about graduate school is the appreciation it gives me for free time. When real life is squeezed into the gaps between project deadlines, coursework and research, it's a rare treat to ignore mental checklists and enjoy the natural rhythms of the day. This week was particularly hectic. I … Continue reading Sunday Morning

RPGs on the Prairie

Here in Kansas, my friend Bryan runs a weekly game of Dungeons and Dragons that consists mostly of graduate students from the math department. I've never played D&D, and in high school I was pretty close-minded about it. The kids who played were the same kids who hung out at the public library and who … Continue reading RPGs on the Prairie